cuervojoe asked: Oh god, and you're so nice too... :D I definitely intend to use your pics as material! ;) They're so realistic! And thanks so much for the follow. Keep drawing, man! Where are you from, by the way? :)

eheheh Thanks for finding me nice. :-)

Use the pics and share them too. ;-)

I’m from Brazil. I live in Sao Paulo.
How about you?

You are always so very nice to me, boy! Thank you so much for that.

Big hug and big kiss


bufffuzz replied to your post “Update”

Always proud the spread the word, Nerone, about your sexy Fast Drip portraits.


Hello, boys!

Since I’ve been absent for the past days, I feel the need to give you a little explanation. So, there it goes: real life was very demanding lately, so I had to stop drawing until  things got running a little smoother.  Luckly, the stressful days are over (at least, the most stressful ones ;-) ) and I’ll begin to post again shortly. I’m really sorry I let you down for this long period. And please, forgive me for that if you can.

Besides that, there are some news that you may like to know.

Now I have a profile on Instagram ( @fastdrip_portraits ). I invite you all, “instagramers”, to follow me over there. :-D 

And the BIG NEWS are that I began taking COMMISSIONS FOR PORTRAITS. \0/

So, if you feel tired of your regular profile picture, order a Fast Drip Portrait now and be the next Mona Lisa of the social media world. hehehe ;-) Drop me a message and I’ll give you all the information you’ll need about the portraits. I’ll be very glad to draw you all.

Many hugs!


* Add me on Instagram now.

And remember:


Fast Drip - Anno II - 306
Fast Drip - Anno II - 305
Fast Drip - Anno II - 304
Fast Drip - Anno II- 303
Fast Drip - Anno II - 303
Fast Drip - Anno II - 301
Fast Drip - Anno II - 300
Fast Drip - Anno II - 299

I’m glad you like him. :-)
Thank you for following my work and for the nice words
. You are always very generous to me. Thank you very much, boy!
Many hugs

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A hot muscle bear drawing to start the new month. WOOF. You are so AWESOME. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.
Fast Drip - Anno II - 298
Fast Drip - Anno II - 297
Fast Drip - Anno II - 296